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"Bones From Home"

David Linhart..owner of Husse in the NW Valley, and Army veteran gives his time to an organization that sends our troops packages from home.  They recently worked on a project called "Bones From Home" which sends packages to our 4-legged heroes serving.  We made sure to get them some yummy Husse pumpkin treats packed by David!  Pay it forward!

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Husse East Valley Donation

Posted on The Friends For Life Animal Rescue Facebook Page:

A huge shout out to Husse East Valley, a new supporter of Friends for Life! They brought all this yummy and nutritious food for us! Check them out and please support the merchants that support us! #husseeastvalley

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Our happy customers:

We got this note from his Mom, Anna:

"I love my Husse people! Hans and Amy are why I started buying Husse food and part of the reason I continue to buy. I have been feeding my dogs Husse dog food for over two years. It is a great food and at a good price. Having it delivered to my home or work is a bonus! I just got a new puppy and Hans and Amy suggested the Lamb and Rice puppy food for him. He loves the taste and I am confident he is getting the nutrition he needs.

Having a puppy (a smart puppy) means I have to do as many things as I possibly can to keep him occupied while I am at work. I put the Husse Sweet Potato treats in a busy ball and he can go at that thing for hours to get his reward. He loves the treats and I love them because they are healthy!

Having a puppy also means dirty messes because they sometimes step or roll in their own poo! So finding good grooming products is important. I love tea tree oil for myself so I tried the “Schampo” with tea tree oil and it is awesome! It is great that I can use this dog shampoo on the puppy without drying his skin out and I know that there are no harmful chemicals. It smells wonderful.”

My picky cat, Dobby LOVES the Husse Exclusive Light, too"

Hans looks very handsome after his bath in this picture!

My wife and I have two dogs that eat Husse Optimal. Luci is three and Lola is one. We switched food about three months ago after adopting Lola from a friend. We have had Luci since she was a pup. She has eaten other brands of dog food most of her life and has always had problems with bouts of diarrhea. Luci would also go through spurts where she was disinterested in eating. When we adopted Lola, we were told that she had a sensitive stomach. We didn't want to have to buy a bunch of different brands of dog food. I had seen a post on the Neighborhood app for Husse from David Linhart and what the food did for their dogs and that he sells it and even delivers it to your front door. I decided to give it a try.


What a change we have seen. Both girls love Optimal. They can't wait to eat every day. We make them sit and stay until we get their bowls down.  If I make them wait a little longer, they both drool in anticipation!  It's funny to watch. They eat their food all at once. And the best part is we have not had any stomach issues with either family member. Thank you so much!




Todd & Katie Eschen